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About Us

We are Flat Out Footwear, a small family run business based in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in Women's footwear that is both comfortable and chic. Yes, it is flat out possible to be both!

Petra is the driving force behind the brand, and like many women she loves shoes. After many years in the corporate world, she left to have a baby. During her pregnancy, she was told by both her chiropractor and physiotherapist to stop wearing high heels - not only during pregnancy but thereafter. It took some time to adjust, and she did sneakily wear the odd high heel here and there - even when 9 months pregnant! The biggest challenge was finding flats with the same flair and fashion cred as high heels, but Petra is a wiz at sussing out the latest trends. She researched and found these great trending flats (and a low heel here and there for now and then); hence the seed was sown for what would become Flat Out Footwear.

Established to be family friendly, and to share Petra's fabulous flat footwear finds - Flat Out Footwear makes it possible for every woman to wear flats and low heels that are both comfortable and chic!

With a passionate belief in delivering great bargains and excellent service, we commit ourselves to bringing you the best of both.

We have exciting plans for the future which include expanding our range of products and sharing them with you.

The family behind the brand


ABN: 73 419 914 979


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