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About Flat Out Footwear

I love shoes

Hi lovelies, I'm Petra--the driving force behind our brand, and like many women I love fashion and shoes.

I was told to stop wearing high heels

I spent many years in the corporate world wearing stilettos.

But due to some spinal degradation, I was told by my chiropractor and physiotherapist to stop wearing high heels -- this almost caused an identity crisis!

High heel injuries are on the rise

High heel related injuries nearly doubled in 10 years, concluded the study: Epidemiology of high heel shoes injuries in US women: 2002-2012.

The higher the heel, the more pressure is applied to the ball of the foot, source:

I needed an alternative

My biggest challenge was finding flats with the same flair and fashion cred as high heels, that didn't leave me feeling dowdy.

Oxfords & derbies

During my journey I formed a love affair with oxfords and derbies; they look good, they feel good and they are so versatile and can be worn with almost anything.

Little did I know it at the time, but the seed was sown for what would become Flat Out Footwear.

A family and a business soon followed

Established to be family friendly (my family includes a toddler, and three dogs of whom two have special needs) an online shop was the perfect solution.

I knew other women were out there looking for an ever-stylish fashion savvy alternative to high heels, and I wanted to share these beautiful and versatile shoes.

Flat Out Footwear was created to empower women, myself included!

A rocky start

Thankfully I am a big believer in looking for the lesson when things go wrong, and I learned many lessons when I started out!

Initially I sourced our shoes from China, but was disappointed time and again, due to quality control issues, shipping delays and communication issues.

Another big concern was the nasty chemicals I could smell when unpacking the shoes. This couldn't go on.

A perfect solution was found

In my search for a solution, I found and formed a collaboration with Losal, a 120 yo family business in Spain who share many common values and produce quality products.

Handmade in Spain

Their craftsmanship has been passed down through 5 generations of artisans, who make their shoes by hand using the finest quality leathers and materials, sourced within Europe.

FRANK+Alice - our own label

Subsequently our own label FRANK+Alice was born, along with a beautiful range of handmade oxfords and derbies for Australian women, which I co-designed with Losal - click here to find out more.

Together we:

  • create quality handmade products that look good and feel good
  • execute environmentally conscious business practices
  • reduce our consumable footprint on the planet

We believe in value and service

At Flat Out Footwear we are passionate about delivering value and service.

We commit ourselves to:

  • designing for Australian women
  • responsible manufacturing
  • caring for the planet
  • empowering women
  • honouring returns and refunds

Be noticed, be admired for your style whilst wearing a smile in classy, exclusive, handmade Australian designed shoes that are eco friendly and socially responsible.

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